Hello there, love!  My name is Brittany, and my mission is to serve and support you in achieving your wildest health, fitness, or weight loss dreams... in a healthy + sustainable + God-honoring way, while helping you grow deeper in your faith along the journey.

I wanted to share a little bit more about why I am writing this blog for you.  And I'll start by sharing a quote from the book Anything by Jennie Allen. "When you turn your life over to a living God who sees need, who loves desperately, the way he chooses to pour you out will be as unique as the way he formed you in the womb and placed you in your space on the earth.  Some of our anythings feel flashy and fancy, but most of our anythings fall in secret places."

What do I mean by anything?  This is my prayer, the state of my heart, or at least my goal:  to live my life, every moment of every day, poured out for Christ.  To keep my heart, my mind, and my soul in such a place where I have no will of my own... no dreams, no desires, but to serve God however he chooses to use me.  This is my prayer, "Lord, I will do anything."

Now, before you get too far into this journey with me, I need you to know that the struggle is real to keep my heart in this position.  In fact, more times than not, my prayer sounds more like, "Lord, help me to do/give/be anything."  Because truthfully, I'm not sure if I'm 100% there.  Nevertheless, this is my goal, my deepest desire.

And that's why I'm here, writing this blog... knowing full well that I am unqualified and have the equivalent of a speech impediment when it comes to writing.  So please help a sister out, and feel free to point out any spelling or grammatical errors, and for the love, tell me when I'm not making any sense!  Haha.

I want you to know that God sees you.  He sees your need.  And the need I find pressing on my heart... the need I am here to help fill... is one that is deeply personal to me.

In the recent past, I had a secret struggle with food, which was a major thing that kept me from giving anything & everything to God... one of those anythings that fall in secret places, like the quote mentioned.

I see the majority of us girls struggling with out bodies in some way... our health, our weight, our fitness.  I see Jesus-loving girls struggling with body image, self-respect, self-control, and confidence... overeating, under eating, excessive dieting, etc. to fill a void in their lives.  To try to feel happy, unstuck, and like themselves again.  I see women trying to lose weight or reach their fitness goals, but doing it in an unhealthy or unsustainable way.  I see loads of confusing, conflicting information out there on how to go about all of this.  And when we are confused, we usually do nothing.  Or we say, 'tomorrow,' 'Monday,' or 'next year.'  I can relate.  Can you?

I am here to help clear up the confusion, to help you define your goals, choose the path that's best for you, and help you accomplish your wildest dreams in a healthy, balanced, sustainable way.

I have been where you are.  But through many ups and downs, I have finally found peace- a healthy & fit lifestyle, God's way.  I call this place Fit Victorious.

"But thanks be to God!  He gives us victory through our Lord Jesus Christ." 1 Corinthians 15:57

*If you feel like you could benefit from 1-1 coaching with me, don't hesitate to reach out through the blue Contact button on the lower right side of this page, or email me at brittany.glidewell@gmail.com.  I'd love to chat with you!*